Serpa Tumbler: High Meadow Sage

Serpa Tumbler: High Meadow Sage

Our mountain town surroundings are a big source of inspiration for us at SMMT. From the mason jar inspired design of our drinkware and its connection to our mining heritage, to the very essence of our brand name and its connection to our home county. Although a small town community, Park City serves as such an inspiring destination for so many that love the outdoors. 

When we launched the brand, we had a lot of fun with some hidden code in our color strategy. Although we didn’t share it directly when we launched, many in our community noticed that our core colors - black, blue and green - had a very familiar connection to mountain navigation. The trail rating system was a perfect color palette for our core assortment. Entrenching these familiar signals from the mountain town experience and lifestyle into aspects of our brand is a big part of the fun of running a family brand like SMMT. We had our version of black (Moonlit Carbon) and blue (dreamscape blue), but we were missing our own flavor of green. 

The High Meadow Sage colorway was always a foregone conclusion. The muted green we celebrate in this colorway is inspired by the high alpine meadows we love running or biking through in summer. In Park City (and I’m sure most mountain town destinations), the saying is ‘people come for the winters, but stay for the summers.’ Summers in the mountains are pretty spectacular, where we almost print sunny, 80-degree days with no humidity. We were always going to add a green tumbler to the line up, but we are thrilled to release High Meadow Sage and its alpine meadow, summer inspired hue. 

Explore our new color now.
Better yet, make it a collection and grab black, blue and green

Pair With:

I Remember Everything, Zach Bryan & Kacey Musgraves
A perfect song for a picnic in the meadows.

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