S(Mountain & Marine)T

S(Mountain & Marine)T

Designed in Park City is a big part of our brand ethos and how we go about setting the bar for our products. But, Michelle and I started out on opposite coasts, and our formative childhood outdoor experiences were by far more coastal leaning than they were alpine. We are extremely democratic in our definition of outdoors. A day golfing in Bandon Dunes qualifies just as equally as a day in the Little Cottonwood earning your turns. A sunset sail is absolutely as worthy as a ride with a couple thousand feet of climbing. 

In part, that’s essential understanding of us to truly appreciate SMMT. Park City is the origin story of the brand, but our influences comes from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, trail runs in the Pacific Northwest, and our time spent living in Northern England near the Lake District or years living in Brazil exploring places like Bariloche, Torres del Paine and Trancoso.

When we build something worthy of Park City, we know that we are building something worthy of the coast, an outdoor lifestyle and the travel in between. The name SMMT (pronounced ‘summit’) always fit because of the reference to chasing aspirational peaks of life and the nod to our home county, but SMMT also stands for Sustainable, Mountain, Marine, Travel. The brand and products are a reflection of a lifetime journey seeking and enjoying the outdoors, and we celebrate that in the broadest sense.



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