Summer Headwear, A Style Accessory Icon

Summer Headwear, A Style Accessory Icon

Appurtenances of an Elevated Mountain Lifestyle… that’s our internal product positioning. We love the word appurtenances, in part because it’s a head scratcher. Pausing to look up a word you don’t come across everyday, and adding something new to the lexicon, is a part of a great lifestyle. Growth is smmt-ing in our humble opinions. But it’s also the definition of the word that fits so well, ‘an accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living’ (source: Oxford Languages). The fact that it also has real estate meaning, and Michelle doubles as a real estate executive, adds extra flavor.

As an outdoor lifestyle accessories brand, we always savored the opportunity to create some great lids that could become your must have on your daily adventures. A critical piece of the uniform of outdoor living. But, with a twist. 

We saw this as an opportunity to invite community behind the curtain. We value our community’s voice and we want to make products you love. So, as we launch headwear in advance of Summer ‘24, we are asking our Community to provide input into the designs. A hallmark of the SMMT Community, we plan to intermittently share what we’re up to and get your take. We call this Community Cast, and along with early access to launches and insider updates, it’s just one of several things that makes subscribing to our email newsletter worth the price of admission (it’s free!). 

Summer Headwear

Summer 24 is inspired by a more casual setting in the alpine. We are releasing a 5-panel pinwale cord with low-crown and a leather closure strap. This is the epitome of confident casualness and frankly, good corduroy headwear is a rare find. We are also releasing a traditional 6-panel mid-crown trucker. You dont just need one, you may need them all because the work-horse is an everyday essential. For subscribers, we will invite you to vote on your favorites, narrowing from 6 colors per design to 3. Let the best hat win! 


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