The Ethos of 980

The Ethos of 980

When we set out on the adventure of launching SMMT, we had a really honest dialogue about what our goals were. Coming from Nike, we knew how difficult it could be to create a successful brand. But whenever we looked at SMMT through the lens of building an enduring family business, our conversations gathered steam.

Creating a Family Business

It’s impossible to think about starting a business without considering the end game. This was the subject of many a family aprés for over a year. It’s easy to romanticize building something of size and note. But most of the energy and excitement in our conversations came from much more practical aspirations: growing a sustainable business that would nourish our family—one where our children, nieces, and nephews could ultimately work—and creating inspired products that would stir an emotional connection with Park City for residents and visitors alike.

What Is 980?

Very early on we fell in love with the idea of limiting our production. Though counterintuitive, we decided we would focus on sustainability and specialness rather than growth at all costs. This felt like a “family business” decision because we were bootstrapping the business and didn’t have endless capital, but it lined up with our brand values and how we wanted to serve our consumer. To achieve this, we decided to carry three core colors—black, blue, and green—and to limit any other color runs. Products designated 980 are limited to a maximum of 980 units apiece, and those designated 98.0 are limited to just 98 units. Our core colors, reminiscent of our favorite days in the mountains, will endure as timeless, wearable, and consumer-friendly. Limiting our other color runs allows us to focus on quality versus quantity, giving uniqueness to each product and color story. Once they are gone, they won’t be restocked.

Why 980?

So how did we decide on 980? The peaks that first called us to Park City stand 980 vertical meters above the town—this felt like a perfect, symbolic cap to our color stories. The 980 and 98.0 signatures are our hallmarks of quality and commitment. They indicate our commitment to boutique production and to community-first access. Most importantly, they mean that we get to deliver a unique, well-crafted product to our consumers every time. Join Us We love our community and want to give you first access to limited-release products, as soon as (or even before) they hit the market. If you want a heads-up on our 980 and 98.0 releases or to follow what we’re up to, sign up and join our community.

See you on the slopes,

Jamie and Michelle

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